Star Trek: Excalibur


Welcome to the USS Excalibur

The USS Excalibur is an Elysion-class starship assigned to investigate entries in The Reliquary database (wiki). The Reliquary is a massive alien installation nested along the borders of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. The station contains observational data from around the galaxy, spanning billions of years. The curators of this database, known as "The Builders," were one of the first forms of humanoid life to arise on the galactic scale.

The Excalibur belongs to Task Force 25 in the Fourth Fleet, formed by Admiral Hatch after her initial discovery of The Reliquary in 2399. Task Force 25 has operational jurisdiction over all four quadrants, as entries in database trail back to every corner of the galaxy. The Excalibur is a light cruiser that isn’t equipped for long-term deep-space assignments. As such, she operates out of The Reliquary, investigating entries near the database and providing support to the installation.

Our Characters

The Excalibur's crew are the best and brightest the Federation has to offer, handpicked to deal with whatever mysteries The Reliquary’s database has in store.

Bravo Fleet

Our game is a proud member of Bravo Fleet, an online Star Trek fan club founded in 1997. In-character, the Excalibur is assigned to Task Force 25 in the Fourth Fleet.